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Vas Deferens Organization

As musicians, producers and former Mutant Sound blog authors, Vas Deferens Organization (Matt Castille, Eric Lumbleau & Christopher Moock) have been tirelessly creating and advocating for adventurous, outrageous and outre’ sounds for over two decades, as a psychic bulwark against the soul sucking inertial drag of contemporary social reality.


Notorious for our collaborative work alongsidejustssr下载 andssr freev and our musical productions for psych, prog and space rock units like Yeti, Ohm and J. Bone Cro, We’ve amassed a substantial discography spread over labels like Beta-Lactam Ring, Charnel Music, Eerie Matierials, Timothy’s Brain, Aether and Pure Pop For Now People along with a raft of releases on our own labels over the years.

VDO have also revived Mutant Sounds, though not as a blog but in the form of Mutant Sounds Radio with Vas Deferens Organization on Dublab, occurring the second Friday of each month from 8-10 PM. We’re also in the process of constructing VDO Studios in Costa Mesa, California for an prospective opening early next year.

Our latest track “Delphic Collapse” can be found on the 15th Anniversary Beta-Lactam Ring CD compilation “A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry” and our newest video (for the forthcoming track “Morte Code”) can be found on our video page.